Monday, 1 June 2015

June 1/15
This season got off to a slow start but we have caught up a bit. The grapes are all tied and ready to go for the year with extra cane tied down just in case of a late frost, however, it is now June so a late frost should be out of the question, but after 2 very cold winters I’m not ready to call an end to frost just yet. Ontario just recently had a severe frost episode in late May, so it goes to show it can still happen, and after these 2 years who knows?
The other reason tying down more fruit than you need is it gives you the option to do some shoot positioning at an early stage, by removing buds that are too close and would be remover at a later date anyway.

The high temperature for today was 9C which is quite low for this time of year, hopefully it will warm up soon, but we will persevere none the less.

So far the difference between the 2 Chardonnay clones (95 & 548) seems negligible, the only difference seems to be in the aforementioned brittleness of the other 2 Chardonnay clones which I mentioned in the previous post. The brittleness seems to be caused strictly by environmental factors heavy winds from this past year, a category 2 hurricane as well as high winds throughout the winter. This is most likely a non-issue or a one time event as it hasn’t happened before, anyway, enough about that.

Here are a couple of pics of the vines that are now tied down and the 1st leaves beginning to unfold.     

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  1. So far, so good. Hope the weather warms up